2018 Daysailer Regatta Photo

Orleans Yacht Club (OYC) Adult Racing


39 Cove Road
Orleans, MA   02653

N 41° 47.273'   W 069° 59.123'

Active One Design Racing at OYC

OYC currently has an active daysailer fleet that races all summer and holds one regatta. This is Daysailer Fleet 15. . OYC also hosts a two day sunfish regatta, the Yankee Duo Regatta. Sailors at the Yankee Duo Regatta are prodominantly from off Cape with one or two OYC sailors participating. OYC race committee would like to expand Sunday club races to include sunfish, but so far we do not have a quorum of sunfish sailors. Our one or two sunfish regatta sailors also race daysailers. We have only had sunfish race in Sunday club racing when JSP instructors decided to race and five sunfish participated.

Other One Design Racing Classes

Quite a few OYC members own sunfish. Most are not at all interested in racing, but some have expressed some interest in recreational racing. We have yet to get a quorum for regular racing. At least three boats willing to race on a regular basis is needed to get another fleet started. Anyone with interest should contact OYC adult racing leadership in case we get a few who would consider racing.

OYC members have also indicated that they own various other small boats, from Laser to Flying Scot. However for any given class we have only found one or two sailors interested in racing. Again, anyone interested in racing please contact someone in OYC adult racing leadership and indicate what class or classes of boats you would be willing to race.

The OYC sailing for instruction for adults, the Adult Sailing Program (ASP) has produced a few sailors who have moved on to crew daysailers and one or two who have sailed as skippers. New sailors, particularly adults who are new to sailing find the idea of racing intimidating, though recreational racing need not be. OYC owns six Precision 15 and six Catalina Capri (14.5 foot) and we are hopeful that at some point in the near future we could hold very informal recreational racing among ASP participants, perhaps as part of the ASP program itself.