2018 Daysailer Regatta Photo

OYC Daysailer Regatta


39 Cove Road
Orleans, MA   02653

N 41° 47.273'   W 069° 59.123'

Fleet 15 Charter Certificate

Daysailer One-Design Class

The Daysailer class is defined by the DaySailer Association. The original and longest production run was with O'Day DaySailer I 1957-1972 and O'Day DaySailer II 1971-1984. The O'Day Daysailer III made from 1985-1990 does not meet class rules and cannot be raced in this class. The Daysailer I design has been made by a half dozen other companies over time and is currently being made by Cape Cod Shipbuilding.

Daysailer Fleet 15

Fleet 15 was chartered in 1962. Founding members of Fleet 15 are Dawson L. Farber III, Earle B. Kaufman, William B. Moore, Susan L. Swan, Everett St. John, and Jane V. and Richard H. Turner.

Currently there are five regular skippers who sail with Fleet 15 and a few occasional sailors. The OYC owned daysailer is available for OYC full member use and has been raced occasionally. Some skippers need crew from time to time so if interested in crewing contact someone in OYC adult racing leadership. The fleet has dwindled from nearly a dozen skippers and boats in prior years due to members aging out, moving away, or having health issues (their own or relatives). The fleet remains viable and continues to race and hopefully can rebuild to greater numbers.

Club Series Races

The summer daysailer race schedule consists of Sunday afternoon races from June through end of August. There are two to three race series in the summer. Each series consists of three or four race days with at least two races per day. Following the race series is a club championship.

OYC Club Championship

Fleet 15 skippers competing in more than 50% of the summer races or who won one of the series are eligible to sail in the Club Championship race held at the end of the summer season.

Daysailer Regatta

In most years, the OYC Daysailer Regatta is held in July where, in addition to Fleet 15 sailors, all members of the daysailer sailors are invited to participate. There have been a fairly consistent 9-10 boats participating in this regatta in the last few years.

Old Lady's Race

Every year Fleet 15 also sails their traditional "Old Lady's" race. The winner of this race earns the somewhat dubious privilege of hanging the portrait of the "Old Lady" in a prominent place in their home for the period of one year. The winning skipper also hosts the next annual "Old Lady" cocktail party. The awards pot-luck dinner is held in the evening following the "Old Lady's" race and is open to all those who have participated in the racing program, including committee boat and safety boat volunteers.

Race and Regatta Schedule

See the 2024 Race Schedule for a full schedule of this year's races and regattas. Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI) for all club races and regattas are on the 2024 NOR & SI page as well as entry forms for the regattas.

Sunfish and Other Classes

See the Other One Design for information on OYC interest in other one-design racing. See the Yankee Duo Regatta for information on this sunfish regatta held at OYC.

Past OYC Daysailer Club Championships

The OYC Clubhouse has a plaque with the past OYC Daysailer Club Champions listed. There is no record prior to 1990 though the Club Championship was raced since the 1960s.

Year Skipper Crew
1990Earle KaufmanMac Kirkwood
1991Bob RuetteGeorge Katz
1992Art RadtkeDerek Radtke
1993Earle KaufmanMac Kirkwood
1994Steve McGovernJulie Zitz
Year Skipper Crew
1995Art RadtkeDerek Radtke
1996Rich HalvarsonPaul Marinaccio
1997Woody SwopeSusan Thompson
1998Woody SwopeSusan Thompson
1999Woody SwopeSusan Thompson
Year Skipper Crew
2000Ralph HansenJane Hansen
2001Woody SwopeSusan Thompson
2002Charlie ThompsonSusan Thompson
2003Ralph HansenTom Hansen
2004Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
Year Skipper Crew
2005Ralph HansenDavid Hansen
2006Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
2007Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
2008Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
2009Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
Year Skipper Crew
2010Bill MooreCarol Penfield
2011Sterling WorrellAnsley Worrell
2012Ralph HansenCharlie Ashby
2013 Ralph Hansen Howard Kucks
Wayne Hastings Peter Radke
2014Sterling WorrellAnsley Worrell
Year Skipper Crew
2015Dave PenfieldCarol Penfield
2016Sterling WorrellAnsley Worrell
2017Wayne HastingsPeter Radke
2018Wayne HastingsPeter Radke