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Orleans Yacht Club (OYC) Sailing and Racing Programs


39 Cove Road
Orleans, MA   02653

N 41° 47.273'   W 069° 59.123'

Orleans Yacht Club (OYC) Club, Sailing and Racing Leadership

Orleans Yacht Club (OYC) was founded in 1947. The purpose of the club has always been sailing and racing with a secondary emphasis in social activity.

The purpose of the Orleans Yacht Club as stated in the Charter is: "to encourage yacht building and sailing, to promote interest in yachting and aquatic sports, as well as social intercourse among its members, and to secure and maintain suitable buildings and equipment to accomplish these purposes."

The structure of the club leadership is defined by the OYC Constitution and the duties of OYC officers and committees is defined in OYC By-Laws.

The OYC Junior Sailing Program (JSP), including the JSP Race Team, report to the Vice Commodore. This is specified in the OYC By-Laws.

The Adult Sailing Program (ASP) is not mentioned in the OYC Constitution or OYC By-Laws. The very small ASP budget (mostly books bulk purchased for instruction and repurchased by participants) falls under the Race Committee. The ASP being an all volunteer and a break even operation over time, is fairly autonomous but reports to the commodores.

The Race Committee is in charge of the adult racing program (club races) and regattas. This is specified in the OYC By-Laws. The race committee consults the race fleet and principle race officers (PROs) in making many decisions about the races themselves such as schedule and the contents of Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (rules).