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Web Site Status

Beginning with the 2016 season the racing schedule, volunteer schedule, racing results and other information pertaining to Fleet 15 were held in a SQL database. Entries in this database were primarily made through the Fleet 15 web site. The web pages which display the racing schedule, volunteer schedule, racing results and information in the members-only portion of the Fleet 15 web site are primarily derived from information in this SQL database.

This transition to an SQL database wasn't without a few glitches. Occasionally direct entry through SQL queries was needed for some minor fixups. Some fixes to the PHP code used in data entry were postponed until end of season so as not to create any disruption. Some were not completed over the winter.

Recent changes

  1. Administrators can now go directly to the edit volunteers page for a given race day from the volunteer schedule page. This however is now once again broken so the Edit Volunteer Schedule page will need to be used for now.

  2. There are a few places where being able to easily extract a list of contact emails would be useful. The following were added:

    1. from the edit volunteers page a list of email addresses that need to be contacted to remind them of an upcoming volunteer commitment is available, and

    2. from the edit volunteers page the list of active racers can be added to the list of volunteers if this is needed, for example if there was any concern that a race day may need to be cancelled due to weather or other reason.

Postponed changes

  1. The mailman program was set up but is currently not in use. A new web page at http://lists.fleet15dsa.org describes the current set of mailing lists plus a set of aliases that maps to multiple mailing lists. Subscription to the mailing lists is based on the database supporting the member-only part of the main web site.

    The mailman setup was briefly used but had problems with duplicate mail delivery. An updated setup is not yet complete but should solve this.

Likely upcoming changes

  1. The news page should provide support for automatic paragraph creation based on double newline if not entered as HTML. This is not a problem for single paragraph entries.

  2. The news page should use a separate database table and include the name of the person making the entry or making a change. The change history might require another table. Whether everyone should see change history is an open issue. Currently news is reusing the "web_note" table.

  3. There is no way to change race day status from "pending" to "cancelled" other than using an SQL query to make the change.

  4. The racing role, volunteer role, and race course should not be a database ENUM to allow entries to be easily added. The contact club could also be a separate table, referencing another table with club IDs. This would support people being in multiple clubs plus allow a better basis for query of people by yacht club. OYC ASP could also be included.

  5. Numerous pages in the Contact Entry portion of adminstrative pages need to be fixed. Workarounds exist (such as deleting an email and adding a new one rather than using "change") but this should all work more smoothly.

Miscellaneous Backburner Items

Below is a running list of items that still need to be done that are not related to the transition to using a database.

  1. There have been a few requests to provide a means to upload photos to the Fleet 15 web site. This might be done through the members-only portion of the web site.

  2. A means to pre-register online for next year's regatta might be provided, with payment by check sent by postal mail.

  3. A little use of javascript could avoid wasting space on the left side of the web page by hiding the menu until mouse over and allow the cascading to be hidden until mouse over on the main menu item as is common in many web pages today. This would help to make all of the pages more readable on a very small display such as a mobile phone.

  4. There is a fleet history page but with nothing on it. For now it has been removed.

  5. Until we have a "testimonials" video we'll not put a placeholder up. It will end up near the history page. This idea is all but abandonned at this point.