2022 Sailing Instructions

Appendix A: The Courses

Orleans Yacht Club

Town Cove, Orleans, Massachusetts

1 The Courses

1.1 The diagrams with identifying letter in Figure 1 show the courses, the order in which marks are to be rounded or passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left for port roundings.

D Windward, Leeward and Windward with split windward leg.
D2 Windward, Leeward and Windward twice around with split windward leg.
M Triangle with split windward leg.
M2 Triangle twice around with split windward leg.
F Modified Olympic with split windward leg.
G The G course is similar to the Modified Olympic, but with a downwind finish.
H Hopkins Island: may be sailed either side of island, channel markers may be ignored.
Figure 1

1.3 The identifying letter of the chosen course will be displayed from the Race Committee signal boat before or with the warning signal.

1.4 Race committee will display course identification prior to the 5 minute signal and at least until the first boat finishes.

1.5 With D, D2, M, M2, F, and H, the starting and finishing marks are not marks of the course except when starting or finishing.

1.6 With split windward leg courses (D2, M2 & F) as the designated courses, boats do NOT have to cross the finish line of the first rounding, before beginning the second rounding.

1.7 With G the start and finish mark used as a leaward gate mark.

1.8 A green shape will be displayed if starboard roundings are required. The course diagrams are left-to-right mirror images if starboard roundings are used.