2022 Commodore Series

Sailing Instructions

Daysailer Fleet 15

Orleans Yacht Club

Town Cove, Orleans, Massachusetts

Jul 17, Jul 24, Jul 31, Jul 7

1 Rules

1.1 This OYC club race series will be governed by the 2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing, the 2021-2024 prescriptions of U.S. Sailing, the rules of the Day Sailer Association, with modifications made by these Sailing Instructions.

1.2 Modified low point scoring is described in the "Scoring" section. This is a modification of RR Appendix A.

2 Changes to Sailing Instructions

2.1 Any changes to sailing instructions will be posted on the Fleet 15 web site at http://oyc-sailing.occnc.com/2022-nor+si/2022-Commodore-SI.html no later than 0900 on the day before the changes take effect. Any changes in the schedule of races will be posted by 1700 hours on the day before the change will take effect. If any changes are made within 14 days of the start of a series, or during a series an email will be sent to all known Fleet 15 skippers.

3 Number and Schedule of Races

3.1 Each OYC Club Race Series consists of four planned Sunday afternoon of racing with three races scheduled per day. All races in this series will follow the schedule below.

Jul 17, Jul 24, Jul 31, Jul 7
1300 Registration and Race Committee Setup
1330 Skipper's meeting
1400 to 1630 Afternoon races (typically three)
1700 An informal pot-luck styled barbecue is held after racing has completed and Race Committee boats and equipment has been stored.

4 Cancellation

4.1 Should wind, weather or other conditions make it impossible to complete the normal number of races, the day's races shall be terminated and the results based on the number of races completed. The Race Committee shall determine such termination and decisions regarding results.

4.2 If a cancellation may preceed the start of racing, any racers and race committee personnel will be contacted by email.

5 The Courses

5.1 The courses are illustrated and described in Appendix A: The Courses. This Appendix is available at http://oyc-sailing.occnc.com/2022-nor+si/2022-SI-courses.html (web page) and http://oyc-sailing.occnc.com/2022-nor+si/2022-SI-courses.pdf (print version) and will be available in print form at the skipper's meeting.

6 Class Flags

6.1 The Daysailer class flag will be used if available, otherwise the "D" flag will be used as the class flag.

7 Marks

7.1 Marks 1, 2 and 3 will be yellow tetrahedron floats.

7.2 The starting and finishing marks will be a yellow or orange flag or shape displayed on the Race Committee boat and a nearby red or orange ball type float, at least 15 inches in diameter.

8 The Start

8.1 Prior to the warning signal for the first race of each day, each boat must check in verbally with the Race Committee stating sail number and full names of Skipper and Crew.

8.2 Races will be started according to the signal sequence defined in rule 26. For racer's convenience, the starting squence is summarized on diagrams on the Fleet 15 Quick References web page.

8.3 Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded. Approximately 15 seconds prior to the warning signal, the race committee will sound multiple short blasts to prepare the Racers for the Start sequence.

8.4 The start and finish marks are described in the "Marks" section.

9 Recalls

9.1 Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with Rule 29.1.

9.2 General recalls will be signaled in accordance with Rule 29.2.

9.3 After a general recall the warning signal for a new start shall be made one minute after the First Substitute flag is removed (one sound).

10 Change of the Next Leg of the Course

10.1 To change the next leg of the course, the race committee will move the original mark (or the finishing line) to a new position prior to the first boat rounding the previous mark.

11 The Finish

11.1 The start and finish marks are described in the "Marks" section.

12 Penalty System

12.1 Rule 44.1 and 44.2 (the Two-Turns and One-Turn Penalties) is in effect. Rule 44.3 (Scoring Penalty) is not in effect. A boat with fails to take a penalty under Rule 44.1 and 44.2 is disqualified.

13 Time Limits and Target Times

13.1 The time limit for the first boat to finish will be one hour.

13.2 Boats failing to finish within 20 minutes after the first boat finished will be scored "Did Not Finish".

13.3 If a yacht in last place in a race is delaying the next start, the jury may order the race terminated and score the yacht point equal to last place.

14 Protests and Requests for Redress

14.1 A boat intending to protest shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When her protest will concern an incident in the racing area that she was involved in or saw, she shall hail ‘Protest’. A red flag is not necessary for boats less than 6 meters.

14.2 A boat shall notify the Race Committee boat at the Finish line of her intent to protest and the identity of the protested boat.

14.3 Protests shall be written on forms available from the Race Committee and lodged with a Race Committee representative ashore. Protest time will end one hour after the Race Committee boat docks.

14.4 Protest notices will be posted within 30 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors where and when there is a hearing in which they are parties to a protest or named as a witness or the parties will be contacted directly.

14.5 The jury will try to hear protests approximately in the order received.

15 Scoring

15.1 The Low-Point System, Appendix A, of the USSA Racing Rules will apply with the following modification.

Boats sailing in a series will be recorded as DNC for all races in the day if they did not start any of the races in a given day. A boat recorded as DNC or DNS or any other scoring status where the start line was not crossed shall be scored the number of boats that sailed in any race that day plus two. A boat recorded as DNF, OCS, or any other scoring status where the start line was crossed, shall be scored the number of boats that sailed in any race that day plus one.

15.2 A race series will be considered valid if at least four races have been completed.

15.3 If at least six races have been completed in a series, a racing competitor will be allowed to discard one sailed race. An additional discard will be allowed for each additional three races sailed. Note: a DNE cannot be discarded; a DNC, DNS, DNF or DSQ or disqualification other than DNE can be discarded.

16 Safety Regulations

16.1 PFDs must be worn at all times when sailing daysailers.

16.2 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.

17 Replacement of Crew or Equipment

17.1 Substitution of crew shall be allowed within limitation of Daysailor class rules, By-Law 1, Rule 6, with the following deviations from class rules.

Skipper and crew need not be Daysailer Association Members and boats need not display the DSA decal.
An identified skipper is required for the series. An regular crew may be identified and substitute for the skipper with alternate crew. If neither the identified skipper or identified regular crew are present, the boat may be raced but will be scored as DSQ.

17.2 Substitution of equipment shall be allowed within limitations of Daysailor class rules, By-Law 1, Rule 7 and By-Law 3.

18 Official Boats

18.1 The race committee boat will be marked with the OYC burgee on the hull and will display the Race Committee flag. The race committee boat most often used is a pontoon boat.

19 Support Boats

19.1 Support boats owned by OYC are marked with the OYC burgee. If OYC member boats are used as support boats, skippers will be notified at the skipper's meeting.

20 Radio Communication

20.1 Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.

20.2 Race committee normally use VHF channel 69, except in rare cases where chatter is present on channel 69.

21 Prizes

21.1 Prizes of nominal value are awarded for first and second place in each series at the Fleet 15 Awards Night, currently scheduled for Sep 8 at 1800 (6 PM). Race series standing and participation also affect Club Championship Race eligibility.

22 Disclaimer of Liability

22.1 Competitors participate in this regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. Competitors acknowledge that sailing involves potential risks. As a condition of their participation in this regatta, competitors release all claims they may have against Orleans Yacht Club, DSA Fleet 15, and its officers, directors, members, committees and employees for damage to property, personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta. Competitors shall be responsible for damage or injury caused by their breach of The Racing Rules of Sailing or applicable governmental rules for the avoidance of collision.